The floor fan is running in the corner of the living room. Running at regular pace and noise level, but it is like a dumptruck in the silence of the apartment right now.nnThe oven went off to alert me that the crisper fries were done, and the oven beeping was like a four alarm fire alarm going off, filling the kitchen/living room with a sense of ear-ringing immediacy.nnA neighbor slams their door.nnThe jingles and jangles from a walked dog’s collar pass from left to right outside my sliding glass door.nnAnd just now, the refrigerator kicks on, a low hum and “chugging” of air circulation battles the floor fan for “noise attention”.nnQuiet evening, and one where thoughts and mental meanderings can prevail and lead me, guide me, to whatever needs be contemplated next.nnSoon, I will put on []( and find *other* noises from *other* places, and let that fill my ears for a bit. Distant chords and voices of entertainment and information to let me know, yet again, that I am not alone in this world.

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