Already had a boatload of ice coffee today, so now I am having hot black coffee, and it is just as delightful.

Also, the SG Navy Flake is a very nice blend of tobacco - not one dimensional at all, juust the right amount of Virginia and Latakia. Sort of like being on a road of Virginia with little pitstops of Latakia along the journey. Delish :)

So, tomorrow is going to be single-digit temps and snow city, which will be the first "official" snowfall of 2022 (a handful of flurries fell on Jan. 1, but nothing remarkable). Looking forward to being surrounded by the white stuff once again, as there were NO snow days in December (or November) in STL. Winter is my favorite season, for sure, and I like it to LOOK like Winter, too.

So, laundry didn't happen, and I won't mess with it until Friday, I don't think. Because I can "get by" without doing it until then. All is good.

will write more stuff later ;)