Been a quiet night for me. No trick-or-treaters, because like I mentioned previously, they don’t really visit individual apartments in my apartment complex. They go to the surrounding neighborhoods and actually, you know, have fun – instead of climbing up and down stairways all evening.nnI haven’t watched the Garfield thing, yet, as I was watching The 8-Bit Guy on YouTube a bit ago. Good channel, a lot of neat stuff.nnAnd yep, tonight will be bill payment night, Xmas gift buying night, doing responsible things for the sake of doing responsible things-night. It’s all good. The budget turned out to be a bit easier to manage than I thought it would, especially considering I dropped everything from every cart and also deleted every wishlist I had on the Internet, opting to just act “in the moment” when it came to (compulsory, superfluous) online purchases.nnBetter to do it this way, to not have planned-out purchases there tempting me, making me go crazy, lol!nnThat’s it for now, I think. Back later.

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