Despite it being 20 degrees outside. Snow is on the way, too. So that is nice. Considering I love Winter, it really is weather that I am looking forward to.

Overall, life is OK - nothing too relevant to complain about. So, I will just make coffee and keep myself to myself.

deciding against analytics

I was going to spring for Plausible Analytics for this bloggo, but it would be completely useless and superfluous, because this is in no way a "pro" blog, nor do I want it to be. No ads, no sponsored posts, nothing like that. So, analytics would essentially serve no other purpose other than to make me feel quasi good about who is reading what, or whatever. Just like how I transitioned away from over on the platform (and stuck 100% to writing in a non-public/feedless/Unlisted format (except for those who already had the URL)), I will do the same for any type of statistics on this platform. It may serve the "ego" in some ways to see "stats", but holy hell, they are not important. Afterall, no one has "stats" if they were journaling in a notebook or hammering out text on a typewriter - why should a digital journal be any different?

And at the end of the day, it is about asking myself a genuine, sincere question: "am I writing online for attention, or as a form of public therapy?"

I'd say, that I am NOT doing it for attention, as it has been ~8 years of online journaling and very little has been noticed on any type of "scale". I'd say that online journaling IS a form of "public therapy", because it helps me think through what I want to think through in writing form, and I feel as if I am talking to a handful of people "out there". And also, there is the tone of the writing that I simply cannot muster when I am writing in some big blob of an offline document. There has to be sharpness, and focus, and deliberate intent behind what is said, I think. I might me too "off the walls" and off into La La Land if I kept everything to a personal journal all to myself - so, I keep myself at least somewhat accountable to within reason.

It works for me.

Anyhow, the coffee is nice, and I think I hear thin hail hitting the window outside from where I am sitting. Snow/ice may be moving through, and that is welcome by me, of course. I will sit back, sip, smoke, and enjoy it.

back soon