Here’s a gripe. A stupid one. But here it is:nnI watched a couple videos on YT today from “publications” – news orgs and journalism conglomerates – and both of them were on “tech” (we (everyone) *used* to call it “Big Tech(TM)”, until mega co’s realized that they are simply too big to be in existence, and have shifted the phrasing *away* from the word “Big”). I digress.nnThe videos on these tech vids have a tone, a bit of music playing throughout, and narration. Usually, there is narration up front, and music plays in the background, and there is a sort of tone of “giving the viewer an overview of the content”, before they jump right into it and the legit content starts. At that point (when the “jumping in” part occurs) the music will briefly stop, the narration stops, and then the scene changes, and *different* music starts, and more detail is revealed about what it is the person is actually watching.nnThe second part seems to happen later and later in videos. And the beginning (the intro/overview) will stretch for over HALF the video. So, it is sort of like someone saying “are you ready? Are you READY? aRe YoU rEaDy?!”, and then delivering something completely underwhelming.nnAnd fxxx if anyone cares about this pointless nitpicking, but **I** notice it, and **I** take issue with it. Not losing sleep over such things, but yea – it’s noticed.nnback soon

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