So, I got the (very cool) dbyll theme for Ghost (which was originally for Jekyll) off of Github, and there were "fatal errors" when uploading the .zip file, so I unzipped the .zip file and went through with Atom Editor and fixed what was wrong, re-zipped/re-named, then it uploaded correctly. Now, I have to figure out how to get rid of all the (superfluous) icons to the left navbar. I am assuming I can do this within the Ghost theme editor (under Design), itself, but that is not the case apparently. I will have to re-upload the theme again after changing the files in Atom once more. I already scoured the index and pagination files, and this and that, and so far, I do not see anything related to twitter URLs, or e-mail "mailto" info (as I would keep RSS/e-mail/Github, and just drop the rest of the "share links"). I also have to rid the theme of the Google+ (lol), Twitter, and Facebook share icons below each post, and my (GIANT) author photo (why this is there, I have no clue).

But, nice theme. Like it a lot.

h/t for having this theme and making me fall in lerv with it ;)

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