new songs for the go-to playlist

This is the cover for it on Tidal:

Moby / Gordon Lightfoot / Bob Dylan / Nirvana

...but none pictured are recent additions.

Here are the newbies:

The first appearance of Demi Lovato on this playlist is "La La Land" from the Camp Rock days, and I think this is her first single ever, too. Such a fun Rock song. And yes, I would consider it "Rock", albeit from no related genre.

The Weeknd + Ariana Grande " Save Your Tears (Remix)" - what a delightful synth-y Pop song! Shallow as a puddle of poodle piss in regards to meaning, but delightful to put in your ears, nonetheless.

The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" (Mono/1997) - this "woo-ing" song has the coolest backing vocals, vocal melodies and is considered a "classic" by many, I am sure. I heard it for the first time from the theme music to the show Big Love with Bill Paxton before his untimely death. What a melancholic and enchanting track!

Hop Along "Tibetan Pop Stars" - incidentally, this song is not BY Tibetan Pop stars! It's a female-lead American Indie Rock band, and to say the song is "tempermental" is an understatement. It's like every string, and every drum beat, and everything going on with the instruments hang by a thread on what the vocalist's tone of voice is doing. So much jam session improvisation going on with this song. Absolutely delightful to feel that organic energy with it.

Great Grandpa "Ram" - as if 1965 Psychedlic Rock were reincarnated to a 20-teens Indie band, the melting and molding guitars and distorted vocals (another female-lead band), the song is a slightly climactic track, and I can almost see them performing on a small stage in some "nightclub" somewhere, with the multi-colored lights casting all around the room. Trippy song!

Demo Lovato "SUBSTANCE" - there she is again! This is her newest song (came out a week ago, I think). And it is a 2008-era Rock song, for those who may remember the stuff coming out at that time? It seems like something that would be sung by Kat Von D when she was doing (and is doing again) her music career when she isn't tattooing. But this is a good song. fast-paced enough for me. Enjoyable.

Britney Spears "Perfume" - Queen Britney came out with this song in 2013, which is when her career was actually rebooted, and she was done with that Las Vegas showgirl shit, and she had regained a semblance of sanity, and re-ascended to her proper position as Queen of Pop. She may not have Top 10 hits anymore, but she still charts well, and everybody fucking loves her. Don't love Brit? You're too old or too young!

So, there are some songs that I've been enjoying :)

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