Two of them which I want to mention (both are unrelated). One is the protocol of my pharmacy and the delivery of their medications through (not the mail), in-person delivery. I called (just now) to have my stomach meds refilled, and without getting my DOB or anything other than the name of the medication, she said “no problem, it will be there before 3:00 tomorrow”.nn…OK, are you *sure* you know who I am? Do I have to talk to the delivery team as usual? Is the 3:00 accurate? She seemed very cavalier and sure of herself, so…IDK.nnI hope they arrive, because I desperately *NEED* them.nnAlso, the other protocol, is that of open source – how (if possible) could I open source a project if not on Github? I mean, I can (already) guarantee total transparency with the project, and I *can* have a repo on Github for **Thanx**, and I *can* answer any questions in regards to the project, etc. – but, aside from just “going to Gitlab”, or Codeberg, or something like that (which isn’t the point, the point is to avoid git altogether), what other methods are there for making something “open”, and not (just) transparent?nnOr, do I simply continue the transparency process (which of course I will), and *not* worry about making **Thanx** open source at all? nnAll I know is, I am not going to do Github or anything like it again for a *very* long time (if ever), because GH is pure Microsoft(-owned) trash, and nothing about it is intuitive or good in any way whatsoever. It was infuriating, and I simply will not put myself through that again.nnThere are other (better) ways, I just have to find a method that works for me :)nnBack later nn#dev

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