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Just this one, which is entry-0005, which is also how I have it saved on the VPS (as entry-0005.html) as well as in my "rawtxt files" on my Documents folder on my MacBook (no other title with it - just entry-0005).

So, simplicity :)

I also like the look/feel of, as it is as raw as I can make it, and is also a good example of the extent of my "web dev" skills as of 2002, because I had a site near identical to this one back then, on AOL Member Spaces called "O'Leary's Corner", and it was fairly primitive. I think that didn't even have an index.html page, though. I mean, it DID, but I seriously wasn't even smart/privvy enough to know that I could simply go TO it and manually edit the file and do the "a href" bit in HTML and link straight to the 2,000+ word nightly entry I had elsewhere on the server (which I think was just some FTP fiasco I had rigged up on my parent's Gateway 2000 desktop back then).

But, it was fun. And I do not have access to those archives ( damn, I would sell my soul if I could get them! Haha).


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