I went ahead and made a new photo album on Google Photos titled “The Montana Excursion (E to W Montana)” and uploaded everything that I had from the landscapes there. It was roughly 30 photos, and many MANY more photos could have been snapped as we (me and other Amtrak passengers) went *through* Glacier National Park, but I decided to just observe and witness the experience rather than snap photos. Yes, the memories would have been incredible to re-look and re-live the shots, but I wanted to be IN that moment.nnThe photos I DID take are incredible, though. Not a single bad one of the lot. Stunning nature in that state. Wyoming had some nice areas, too (kind of like a more lush, or even technicolor version of Montana). But, the BEST scenery I saw through the trip, was on a shuttle bus route from Kalispell, MT. to Missoula, MT. (on route to a bus station in Missoula) and I was so tired of traveling, and relieved that I was homeward bound, back to STL, that I didn’t bother snapping photos, but the redwood trees on small lake islands, the antelope, deer, bald eagles, snow capped mountains – it all was truly breathtaking throughout the entirety of that route.nnSo, that’s what I’ve been up to since 3:30 this morning. That, and going through a couple cups of instant coffee, and waiting for the sun to rise.nnback soon

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