![]( home sweet home . Was at the ‘rents earlier and set up the new TV + entertainment center + took the OLD entertainment center out to the garage for sale on Facebook Marketplace (which I have no involvement with). Their new TV looks good (65 inch Samsung UHD). nnBut here, at my apartment, I set up their old TV (as a very nice hand-me-down) and it looks damn nice (1080p, 40 inch, Insignia – not bad). nnAs you can see, two things:nn1) it is on the floor, because I do not have the TV console, yet. Apparently it is arriving tomorrow, but there is no FedEx tracking info, yet, so who knows when it will actually get here. nn2) I am using the TV with the MBA connected via HDMI/USB-C, and NOT the Chromecast, because I do not have a home WiFi network currently. I am still set on getting the Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot, but until then, I cannot connect using the simple mobile hotspot on my phone :/ There *are* proxy settings on this version of Chromecast (the latest version, w/ remote), BUT, even though it says it is connected and signal is Excellent, I still get an error saying “No Internet”. So that sucks. I’ll troubleshoot with it later, maybe. I spent 45 minutes with it earlier, so…nnAnyway, I watched The 8-Bit Guy earlier and now LGR using the MBA which IS connected to the mobile hotspot from my phone. Essentially, just an external display for the laptop. No big deal (but very nice). nnSo this is pretty dapper. I also like that I have a remote for the TV (unlike a simple display that of course wouldn’t ever have a remote). nnSpeaking of remotes, the Chromecast remote is handy to have (better than just a phone, I suppose), but, it is cheap feeling as could be. But, still usable. nnBack soon

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