So, the HELM Bolt, coupled with the Tin T2 IEM's, coupled with the Moto G7 Power smartphone, coupled with Tidal all seem to work well together. I just listened to my "sub-punk" playlist all the way through, and it was fun/cathartic to jam through it. I also had a third cup of coffee, and cranked the volume up to about 8 because my neighbor's dog was barking uncontrollably about...other noises? Never leaving it's house? Being alive? I don't know. I swear, most people have no business keeping pets.

I used to be one of those people (a person who kept a pet, not a neglectful owner of one). I had a dog (which I don't talk about much anymore) that was a beagle/bassett mix, friendly as could be, mellow, docile, cute - a great dog. I didn't like being a dog owner, though. It was a logistical nightmare to go anywhere, go to friend's houses, attend college classes in-person, make a trip to the store, etc. Nearly everything in my life revolved around the dog for something like four years. Sometime in late-2013, I called my sister on the phone crying at 2:00 AM, and basically told her that I could not keep, afford, or care for an animal anymore. It was a tough decision, but one that was a long-time coming. In fact, I knew about three days after adopting the dog that I had probably made a huge mistake. Mostly due to immensely selfish reasons, and my disdain for any type of "real" responsibility.

So, I have not been a dog person ever since. Or an animal person, in general.

In fact, most of the time, the "pain" or "stress" or "drama" or whatever quasi-traumatic issues I had developed surrounding years of dog ownership, has mostly faded with time. I just don't think like a dog owner anymore. And I don't have to visit (or re-visit) that part of my (astray) way of thinking ever again.

I see and witness this same sort of line of thinking with other friends that I have had. They have a pet and continually fuss, and worry, and stress, and become overburdened with that element of their life. It's is a big undertaking, and one that is 100% unnecessary and pointless (to me, in my eyes, anyway).

But some people love it, I'm just not one of those people.

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