Tonight, I took my first dose of the new psych med I have been prescribed. Hopefully it will not be like the (dull, lame) Abilify I have been taking for the past six years. The Abilify worked great for a long time, but now it is time to go to something new, because NO psych med continues to work for over the six year mark (hardly ever) for anyone's chemistry. People build an immunity/tolerance to the medication, and it ceases to work. At all. This is the case with the Abilify, I feel. And it is better that I transition Now, when I am in a "good spot" (mentally) than waiting for ish to get "bad".

So, I had a meal of simple vegetarian ramen noodles, and took a pill of the new med (which I will keep the name of "off the record" - just because). And how do I feel? Well, OK, I guess, but nothing can really be "noticed" (by me or anyone else) until some time passes and I am consistent with the medication (which is always the case with psych drugs).

Now, it is time for coffee and perhaps some writing :)

back soon