I went ahead and gave the Parody Project it's own file/folder/whatever in Standard Notes under the "#General" section, because it deserves it's own little "space". Also, because the amount of stuff I was putting in there (into the note) was growing considerably larger than I had intended, and it was previously sharing space with the "lists" section - which includes my "main" grocery list (that I always go back and reference), my upcoming budget, as well as the "big" things that must get done for any given time period (such as get a U.S. Passport, schedule a tooth extraction, and order a Yubikey 5C nano hardware security key for "backup"). So, now the project has a file, and I (for whatever reason) feel better about that, haha :)

In fact, Standard Notes could use a good cleaning up, as some stuff is not needed at the moment (or for future use, in all likelihood). Some things will always be there, some will not. So I will get it all squared away now (as there is nothing else pertinent to do for the time being).

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