Seems that my new debit card is arriving today (according to Informed Delivery by USPS). This is a very good thing, as I was starting to get worried (as I mentioned in a previous blog post, I was going to hit the “PANIC BUTTON” if it did not get here by Monday). This is yet another thing to check off the Big To-Do List that I made for myself some weeks back. Of course, I already checked it off, because I cancelled my *old* card before they were able to send me the *new* one, but actually *having* card completes the task to 100%, I suppose, haha.nnThis is all that’s left on the to-do list:nn- get a COVID-19 booster from Schnucks after Xmas/before NYEn- get a Revolut Card for a secondary banking optionn- get a US Passport (Feb 2022 (or before))n- put $100(+) on Linode accountnn…and those are basically in order, as well. After Xmas I can get the COVID booster, some days later I will order a Revolut Card (and start putting *some* money on that account), then a Passport will be made in/around February (I’d like to before then, but IDK if I will, because I want to do the “expedited” process of getting one made, and that costs extra, so…), and then I will put $100(+) on my account so I do not have to mess with adding credits onto there for a while. nnAll is good 🙂

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