βœ… get a replacement debit card in DecembernnSo, now I am without a debit card (scary! LOL!). I basically told them (via phone tree) that my debit card was damaged, and that I needed a replacement card, and they (the phone tree machine) informed me that a replacement card would take 7-10 business days to reach me via Standard Shipping. All is good there :)nnSo, hopefully with the *new* card, I will not constantly get flagged as a pre-paid cardholder, as that is not what this card is (it is a standard debit card). Counting down the days until *that* arrives now.nnSo many things coming through the mail and UPS now, but, patient I must be.nn10:30 now, and I checked one thing off my “big To-Do list”, so that makes me feel good :)nnBack latern

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