Feeling good, optimistic this evening, for sure. The good medical news, coupled with a quiet, chillax day at the sister's surrounded by the doggos - it all puts me in a good mood :)

Also the tooth socket; doing well there, too. No pain. No more swelling, either. The blood has seemed to have clotted up just fine. All is good :)

Still a bit distracted/unfocused, I'd say. Mainly due to the spasms, and irritation in the other region - BUT, that will be done away with soon. So, no worries.

Good STLWX tomorrow, so I will get getting my haircut, paying the aforementioned bills, doing other "life tasks" (mostly digital - putting $$ on the Linode account, paying for another month of Tidal, etc.).

For Now, the coffee is good. Gonna be a late night (paying bills). Back in a bit.