![]( that I would go ahead and install the shower curtain + shower curtain liner + shower pad now (at 5:00 AM) because I need to have a shower this morning. I also deep cleaned the bathtub, shower wall, toilet, sink, everything. Used a combination of Clorox Wipes and hand santizer (which is essentially thick Everclear, as far as I can tell – pure alcohol). I think (hope) whatever small amount of black mold that had formed below the *old* shower pad and on the inside of the *old* shower curtain is taken care of (most of it came off when the pad/curtain were taken down), but, I sanitized and Clorox’d that ish just to be safe, lol!nnNow I have a kitchen half full of trash from the boxing materials of the new stuff, all the remnants of the old stuff, as well as a full trash can ready to be taken out. nnEverything looks good, though. Happy with it.nnBack later

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