If I take dark roast coffee, and it is in grounds (not instant), and I use a *very little* amount in **boiling** water (not just very hot water), and I make “campground coffee” with it (adding the grounds directly to the boiling water, and letting it settle – no filters involved), then, I make **blond/light roast coffee** :)nnOr at least that is how *this* mug turned out, and it is damn delightful :PnnLight roast coffee is delish, but, I don’t drink much of it, because I NEED the heavy/harsh/intense flavors (and caffeine kick) of a dark roast coffee in order to be a normal human being, lol. But blond roast is like a symphony of acidic flavors.nnSo, that made this second cup of the night more enjoyable.nnAnd the night is enjoyable, too. 44F outside. I have a good amount of energy (because it *is* night (+ coffee)). And now I am sorta catching up with some blogs I missed out on in the evening. nnback soon

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