I used the allotted time for PDAnet+ on the phone, it Freemium-limited me, and now the damn thing won’t work on the Mac, again. I am (sort of) surprised it worked for the period of time that it did considering this is NOT the PDAnet version for macOS Monterey to begin with, as that version has not been developed, yet. But still, it DID work for a good 40 minutes, and now it won’t work at all (unless I restart both the phone and the MacBook again, which I am not doing).nnSo, hopefully the team (or single developer, or whoever) at PDAnet replies to the e-mail I sent earlier and has a TL on when they/he/she/whoever plans on getting a Monterey-compatible version in the Mac App Store, but until then, I cannot SSH into anything, which sucks.nnMade *some* progress tonight, though. So there’s that.nnBack later.nn#dev

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