needed a laugh, so I put my sneakers on

Lately I've been listening to "La La Land" by Demi Lovato on Tidal. Such a great song. Sincerely. It builds up and continues building until the final bell chord at the very end. I like it a lot (and heard it a lot back in the 2007-ish Disney Channel days of living with my sister, and my two nieces who never stopped watching Disney Channel).

But Tidal started to recommend songs, like "Sneaker Night" by Vanessa Hudgens. And I thought: "I'm not listening to that piece of shit! It's three minutes of her repeating 'basically what we gonna do is dance'". So, I skipped over it, but something nagged at me to go and listen to the song just now. So I thought: "why just listen to the song, when I can watch the video, and read the comments on YouTube about how preposterously BAD that song is (and how VH was a sucker for going along with singing it on her debut album)".

I did so, and the comments are priceless/hysterical. True comedy happening there. Another good one to do this (read the comments) with is "Candy" by Mandy Moore, and "Fly On The Wall" by Miley Cyrus. They were songs BORN to be made fun of.

I don't sit here scrolling teenage pop girl songs about bullshit all day or anything, but these were songs that were unavoidably popular at one time, and they come into my distant memory every so often, so I go and watch the videos and read the comments, because the comments are better than the video.

Funny stuff

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