11:50. Almost midnight. And I slept for two hours (no idea how/why I woke up?). The coffee is nice, hot, bold, but not too bold, as that is not 100% necessary - just a little bit of caffeine will do the trick for now ;). I started dishes, too, because those needed to be done. So, just another night of unremarkable occurrences here, really.

tech burnout

I think a lot of people are experiencing a sort of "tech burnout". Not in a personal sense (like burn out from writing code, or burnout from web design/web dev/or a personal project, or something like that), I mean I think people are experiencing tech burnout from ALL KINDS of tech being shoved in our face (via phone - shoved in our physical face) 24/7 for the better part of a decade. I just think (in my case, anyway) that we're "over it". There's the organic critical mass of people who want to see a co/product/service/whatever succeed (similar to the organic critical mass(es) that used to generate "buzz" for music/bands (like I wrote about here)), and then there are people who are simply "shoveled in" to this product or that service, because it exists and there isn't any other option. Want a phone? Android or iPhone - that's it. Want to work on something? Slack or Google Workspaces (or whatever the hell else is out there) - not much else. Want to chat on a video conference? Skype of Zoom - those are your choices. I think it would do well to A) do away with the current state of multi-monopolies that are occurring in Silicon Valley right now, and also B) manifest some "real buzz" around a project/company that is doing something authentically COOL in the tech scene going forward. Or, you know, a boatload of different co's, and projects, and hardware, and software, and apps, and services, and then prevent these co's from ever monopolizing (word?) to begin with. That could be cool. I am not against (in any way) a "booming sector" of economic growth in any form - be it in mobile technology, home theatre equipment, or flying cars! LOL! Obviously a strong(er) economy is a positive thing (whether we'll keep the planet healthy enough to see any of these/those things bring themselves about is another factor altogether - but I guess we will have to figure out the ecological conundrum we all face when we get there. And....we're there!). And I will not "wax philosophical" about potential ideas of what could/would work (in tech, business) in the coming decades in regards to ecological events and threats (or products/services that could prevent or at least consolidate their occurrences) - because no one will take them seriously. Or I should say, there are a LOT of good ideas (and even heavily funded co's that are now out of business) that have come and gone in the past two decades that people just don't give a shit about. Flat and simple. So, I guess that is (to a certain degree) the antithesis of what I am writing about - I (or perhaps more than just me, maybe many of us) want to see a series of products that generate organic buzz from everyone/everywhere - and not something that "just does a nice thing for the Earth".

Anyway, we'll see if it happens (the mini tech boom, I mean - in terms of the Earth drowning/frying itself, that part is nearly sure to happen).

So human