![]( went ahead and snapped this just now. A view from beyond my balcony, as I sit ON my balcony. A large tree in the courtyard has it’s leaves lit up from the noonday sun, and the cloudless sky peeks out beyond them. nnA nice day, for sure. The nicest we’ve had all Spring (dare I say). Neighbors and their dogs wander about the area (well, not “wander” – they are going to/fro their respective residences or/and vehicles). nnBehind me, or behind the building behind me, I can hear the Gebhardt Road traffic roar, zoom, rev, and hum along the street. I can see a looming shadow of a chicken hawk in the sky above the parking lot, but I have not seen the bird itself, yet. Perhaps even a bald eagle? (they are everywhere along the Mississippi River (a mile from here)). nnBirds chirp. Squirrels collect rations for the day. I write. And we all have our place in the world. nnBack later

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