It's cold (right at freezing now), blustery, wet and slushy outside. All cars in the parking lot are right where they're at - PARKED! As I don't think anyone is going anywhere today. This weather just so happens to fall on a weekend, too, so that is somewhat convenient? Either way, my happy ass is inside for the day, as I am not throwing out my back by fooling with slush, haha. I don't have to be anywhere, anyway, so no trouble there.

I have the faux fireplace going, without the heating element turned on (just the light, faux flame effect). I have the furnace set to 73F, and that will do for these temps (I'd have it set to 74 if the weather outside were single-digits, but it is not going to get that low).

Ironic that the last blog post was about camping, when the current weather allots for anything but! Some people DO go out in weather like this, though, and for that I (somewhat) admire them. I guess some are just gluttons for punishment, haha.

Me? I am going to fire up some coffee, and do more writing, and wait out the weather until Sunday evening (IF it gets better by that time) before I go anywhere.

back soon