naps, muffins, and other things of frivolousness

I rested a bit ago and then visited Neighbor "S". We spoke of heavy walking, and having calouses (sp?) on top of scar tissue on the bottom of our feet ( from heavy walking). I then went into a small ramble about my three non-stop days of walking in Kalispell, Montana, and the events therein.

Then off to Schnucks to get a soda + tea/lemonade beverage, and then I updated my Standard Notes folder for "budget" and included a new pair of New Balance shoes into it, because my current NB kicks have huge holes in the toes. Then, I hit command + delete, which will delete the entirety of a text line on most text editors, but with SN it always deletes the entire note - everything on the line and each non-spaced line above it. So, there went my budget list. I re-wrote it, cursed beneath my breath, and carried on.

I bought pumpkin muffins from Schnucks today, as I had a sweet tooth this AM. And I had two muffins and will pitch the other two. Sweet, delicious, rich, and too much for me. Haha. ONE would have been fine, but two is a lot for a day, and four is not necessary. I don't eat a lot of sweets, and today is not much different.

As mentioned, frivolous silliness.


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