![]( don’t know what this is? What the purpose of this is? I walked to BP to fetch a pack of Edgefield non-filters for Neighbor “S”, and along the bottom of this sign, two crushed Natty Light tall cans sat with blue tape around them. It’s something I noticed on my walks to Schnucks, too – every few days, a pair of crushed Natty tall cans with blue tape appear somewhere along the route (I will snap a photo next time – it’s *honestly* a thing going on around here). This time, it was halfway down Gebhardt Road. Previously, I have seen then on the corner of the (dilapidated) wooden fence separating Southfield Apartments and the back parking lot behind Oakville Shopping Plaza. Then, on one of the (crooked) railroad ties near that same fenceline. Again, near the back parking lot of Oakville Shopping Plaza. And *one* time, next to the ashtray between the two benches near the exit to Schnucks.nnI seriously do not know why this is “a thing” or what it’s significance is (if any?).nnMore photos the next time I see it, I suppose.

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