![]( to do the “zig zag method” when it came to putting Xmas lights on the tree. That is, don’t try to *wrap* the lights *around* the tree, but just “zig zag” them from side-to-side, so the front is covered. Turned out pretty damn good, I gotta say. Also, we found a basket of old, Old, OLD ornaments at the ‘rents house yesterday, and some were ornaments that belonged to my grandparents (from pre-1950s) and mom said she wasn’t interested in keeping them (why? IDK – probably because new ornaments are coming in every year), so, I said that I would take them off her hands, and keep them at her house (in storage), so if anyone wants to use/borrow/or keep any of them for their tree, they can just pick them out from the basket. Good deal!nnOf course, new ornaments are important, too. The most recent one I have is from a photo of me and my sisters and mother taken (in monochrome, actually) at my niece’s wedding, and turned into a clear plastic ornament with the photo in the center. Interesting to remember who gave what ornaments to whom, or who made which ornament, etc. Fun stuff.nnSo, now I have a **lit** Xmas tree, complete with Santa Claus and faux fireplace accompanying it. Though, I *am* looking forward to reclaiming my apartment again, lol! I love the Xmas season, but am glad it is only for a month of the year (or so it seems). Halloween + Thanksgiving are more my thing because there isn’t much in terms of decorations that I have to deal with (at least *I* don’t decorate for those holidays).nnSimple things are good. Less is more. Less but better.nnback later

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