Got Homebrew installed on the Mac, which took a while because I had a point upgrade to make to macOS (Big Sur 11.6.1 – but it didn’t attempt Monterey for whatever reason). But Xcode Command Line Tools and Homebrew are now on this machine, so I am happy about that (took long enough, lol!).nnI will go through the rest of the DigitalOcean tutorial later on which will show me how to install/upgrade/uninstall packages, so that will be cool.nnWindy as fxxx outside today – like a low key tornado on a sunny day, haha. But all is good.nnSo, I got the minimal amount accomplished today that I set out to do, haha. Or at least so far. Once I have some stuff installed/upgraded/uninstalled, and get more familiar with everything and how it (Homebrew) works, I will feel more confident about the scenario :)nnback later

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