So, I have been needing/wanting to change-out my "main" medication (a psychiatric drug) for some time now, and I just got off a Telehealth call with my psychiatrist, and we are changing the medication to something different on this medication refill. But we will slowly taper off the old medication, and onto the new one. So all is good there :) Gonna be (hopefully) a minor change in terms of side effects, but a major change in terms of an uptick in my mood(s).

Also, I see that has launched! Yay! I created my profile for comments on the old bloggo via my page (which is, and people can down click the "Discuss..." link at the bottom of each post (in the signature) and leave a comment, if they like. But, I do not update that blog anymore. Should I? I don't know.

Anyway, just a quick update. And the tobacco order arrived, I fetched it, had some nice Bengal Slices blend tobacco earlier, but, they forgot 5/6 of a my pipe cleaner order! They sent me a single pack instead of six of them :( I will e-mail them and get the rest of the order filled soon enough.

back soon