my limited exposure to the show Becker

In 2003, I attended St Louis Job Corps. I was earning a high school diploma from there, as well as a certificate in security (rent-a-cop - Security Officer A-Level Completer, baby! Ridiculous), which I did, graduated in six months.

But the HSD work we did, we had to take a placement test for the subjects, and I "tested out" of everything on the placement test, except for math, which I had to take like a remedial course for. Everything else I just jumped straight into the computer work for.

And this course was beyond easy. Like not even Algebra. Essentially long division. 20 minutes of long division per class, and then the students would turn in their longly divised assignments (not a term whatsoever), and then the teacher would turn on the big, bulb TV in the corner of the room, and re-runs Becker would be on. So essentially the worst class ever - half long division, half Becker.

It was a show where Ted Danson (of Cheers fame and only Cheers fame - no other character or show he was involved in was anywhere near as significant as that show - except his limited appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm) was a dentist, and roughly half of each episode took place at his dentist office, and the zAnY happenstances that went on there, and the other half of the show, he would go into some bar, but it was like a coffee-type bar, in mid-day, and he would show up ranting about something or other, and act like a dickhead to other people there, and the bartender (female) was very attractive, and a blind dude sat at the end of the bar, and responded to Danson's cynical musings with pithy quips of his own.

Who manifested the concept of this show, I will never know.

Oh, and Danson had the barkeep store a pack of cigarettes behind the bar, which Danson would retrieve and smoke one upon entering the bar, which made him Cool Guy Danson(TM).

Of course these were re-runs, and I don't think the show ran for a very long time. And I don't remember it BEING on-air, or if it was geared to some Prime Time slot, or if the show was so underwhelming and un-needed that it was just filmed, archived, and went straight to re-run.

The only redeeming quality of that class, was Ms. "I" - a stunningly beautiful teacher, who sat almost directly across from my desk, and after the assignment of long division was done, I would mostly talk to her.

If you want a fun show, check out Cheers. Classic, funny, memorable - good times. Don't watch Becker unless you are trying to pass time until the bell rings at an inner-city school, in mid-day, on a channel that doesn't pass muster to be on the "pay channels".

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