My favorite 5 (photos)

I started to snap photos a while back (again) after taking mostly a year (probably longer) off from ever even considering taking out my camera to take a shot. Of course I mean phone camera, as I am not one to buy a dedicated point-and-shoot, or whatever. So I started tmo snapping on, and that blog is now deleted, but I saved the snaps from there (most of which were items from around the house). But the point of the blog was to get used to taking out a camera, lining up a shot, and just saving the damn thing (the photo) without caring/thinking about it.

But I took better shots since then, and here are my favorite 5:

Snapped while on AmTrak in Western Montana. I feel I was headed east in this photo, for some reason. Like, my memory tells me "we were eastward", but that doesn't actually make sense. The blurred trees in the foreground, the incredible mountain beyond - really happy with this. Like an old postcard almost.

This is my favorite of the lot. Taken in early-Spring (2022), on the corner of the parking lot at my apartment complex. Enough said, just look at it!

A weathered version of the previous photo, but taken from a different (similar) bush on the other side of that same parking lot. Just after a heavy Spring rain. Raindrops all about, if you look up close.

Sky. If I were to title this photo, it would just be "Sky". Something about the cloud positioning and the offset location of the tree to the right just makes the blue look big.

More pink flowers. This is as "macro" as my phone will do. very pretty

neat stuff

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