It’s 12:34 (1 2 3 4!) and I wanted to remark on how damn cold my apartment is. Freezing. Ice cold. Several minutes ago I put on 3/4 length spandex “sports” pants (like runners pants), and runner’s shorts over them, and also a thermal sweatshirt (which I call my thru-hiking shirt – because it’s spot on for what a thru-hiker wears), AND socks. I also (of course) flipped my AC off, and letting the temp go back to normal in here.nnI have the thermostat set to 71 degrees. That’s not *that* cold for Summer. But for whatever reason, it feels (very much so) like it is 65 in here. I am probably preserving food as we speak (as I write this) by just having it sit on the countertop. Steam is escaping from the coffee mug like I just split open an elk’s abdomen in Northern Alaska. The aluminum on my MBA is physically cold to the touch, and I am pretty sure my nose is running.nnThing is, **I** (my physical being) is not “unnecessarily” cold. I am not sick or anything like that. I just FEEL how damn cold it is in here, and am uncomfortable from it.nnSo, I think the AC is brokennthat’s what’s going on

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