Starting the night off with "Jerry Was A Racecar Driver" by Primus. Great song.

It's Monday. 1:11 (make a wish, I guess). I had my third oatmeal of the day due to lacking in food in the apartment. I followed it with coffee. That could cause some people some digestive issues, but everything hums along so efficiently these days due to high fruit intake, that having something like oatmeal is like eating glue slime, and it more or less slows down the digestive system, instead of speeding it up.

I wrote two blog posts on here in the past couple hours, but I am pretty sure I deleted both of them. I honestly cannot remember everything I write, and I make zero effort to. Some things just tend to draaag on and I don't even take much joy in writing them, so they get deleted. Some could argue that I write "too much", and that is likely true - but I sincerely have no other way to occupy the "in between" moments of the day. Never really have been able to figure out what else to do when I am not doing other things. I'd probably fall on my ass as an author or a journalist, because I wouldn't want to do any research or spend time writing in a "proper" or "technical" manner - just want to hammer text always.

Now, The Postal Service is playing ("Nothing Better").

I suppose sleep will happen sometime soon. Though, as I mentioned, I had coffee, so that isn't likely to happen anytime soon.

ok back soon