Some Pixies, some Cage The Elephant, some other ones I can’t remember exactly because they were one hit wonders, or kind of unknowns. But good, nonetheless. nnNow Sixpence None The Richer, which one can guess the song.nnI also had three cups of coffee, so that is fun. I would say that that amount is “too much”, but it isn’t really, because I am off of sodium now. Seems like a small dietary change, but it is a big deal for me, because I have some sort of blood pressure issue with it (that I have noticed in the past six months). nnCoffee, caffeine, things like that are ok for me (overall) as long as I do not “over-do” it (such as with Monster or Red Bull or some other noxious crap like that).nnBut yea, I’m feeling good today. nnSo Now back to music, but no more coffee for a while. I’m energized as I can “get” without feeling like a wired mess, and without getting to the point of crashing the fxxx out soon after.nnback soon

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