I just put on more music (Nirvana), and it has been decided that the cellular data that makes all the difference when it comes to bitrate/audio quality when playing things from Tidal through the HELM Bolt. Of course, there is a difference with the HELM (despite bitrate), but, even though I have the "Quality Settings" set to "HiFi", it will NOT register either Red (HD audio) or Magenta (MQA Audio) on the HELM Bolt, because the cellular data settings are set to "Normal", and I will either need "better"(?)/"faster"(?) data, or be on dedicated WiFi in order to get the best results from the HELM Bolt. :/

So, that is a little annoying (for now, until I get WiFi back). Strange how my 4G LTE isn't fast/significant enough to play on the HiFi setting. Like, it doesn't load at all :( And I seem to be having this issue with the tracks in the "Downloads" section as well (which, if they tracks are already downloaded, then nothing is streaming, and HD Audio or/and MQA Audio should be no problem), so this could maybe be a different issue altogether and not related to the cellular data speed. IDK.

It's annoying. I know that.

I am going to try some local tracks from the phone, itself. brb

[ 2 minutes later ]

Nevermind. I do not have a dedicated music player on my Android phone right now, so I cannot play the tracks from my file manager. I used to have Vinyl Player on my phone (from F-Droid), and then something different after that, but I since deleted those applications for whatever reason, and I don't think I am going to download anything from the F-Droid store, because the entire store is buggy as shit, and the apps from there never seem to be updated, so I will not mess with it for the time being.

In time, I will get a new phone entirely, as I have had this Moto G7 Power for almost three years now. But I have been putting that off as much as possible because I have had enough phone issues/drama in my life, and I just want some brick of a device that works well. I don't generally like phones.

Chances are though, I will get the Nokia G20 (is the model?), because it is very similar to this Motorola phone, only with a bump is all specs and features (larger screen, higher resolution screen, more storage, etc.) and because the Moto G8 Power, and now the Moto Power (dropping the numbered element of the name) are complete pieces of shit according to reviews on Best Buy, and the actual Motorola site, itself.

Once upon a time, I could read a tech publication (of any kind), and it would say "THIS is the phone that is "the best", and you should buy it", but now tech pubs are more or less just shilling for the company that pays them the most, and have no semblance of objectivity on any device whatsoever. So, I cannot get an actual "professional" opinion on which phone is the best for what purpose (unless I read some typo-filled indie blog that can barely be navigated due to overwhelming advertisements). So, I am basically on my own in that regard (as is the case for all consumer purchases in my life). Some may say a phone purchase might be obvious in 2022 (the "winners" have won, afterall), but, Samsung phones are basically spyware devices that sit in your pocket (which may or may not explode (re: Note 8)). Google Pixel phones can't even function for a full week at a time without some critical security update, which then just re-breaks the phone, but in a different way (such as my Pixel 3a did). And I do not have a house with which to take out a second mortage on, so an iPhone is basically out of the question (which isn't a very desirable proposition to begin with). And there may be a couple more obscure "Android" type phones out there, that may run some mobile version of Linux, that are modular, cost $200, and be made from upcycled tree bark or some shit - but the durability, and longevity of such devices are fairly questionable, I would say.

And this is why I don't like coping with smartphones. And it is also why I don't want to upgrade this phone. I just want a brick of a capable device with a large battery that does some basic shit and (ideally) gets a security update once in a while.

back soon