music talk for a bit

Right now, the song "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas & The Papas. Classic.

But then I follow it up with Guns N' Roses "Civil War". It's probably the only "activist"/political song by Guns N' Roses, and it is one of their longer songs, too. I heard it in the car when going to the doc the other day as my sister "C" plays all kinds of stuff from the 80s/90s, though she is far from the type of person that "lived" in an edge-like way.

Some people can sort of personify the music they listen to, though. Be it a simple band shirt, or some other combination of stylistic garb perpetuated by the musicians they like. I was this way, and sort of still am, I guess. I don't have any band shirts, currently, but I wouldn't rule out getting some in the future.

I certainly believed this (music fanaticism, personifying music tastes/preferences), and used to sport the "Goth" look back when I was 12-15. Though not "Goth", per se, as I didn't wear choker necklaces, or paint my nails black, or wear black lipstick, etc. Me and my small group of cynical friends referred to ourselves as "freaks", and dawned Marilyn Manson, NIN, Motorhead, Iron Maiden shirts, etc. Black jeans, combat boots, and the default flannel that everyone wore in the mid-90s. Long black hair, au naturale for those who just had black hair, and dyed for those who didn't.

Other times I had music-related clothes. But being near-40 now, I sort of just wear them (sometimes) because A) I love whatever band's shirt I may be sporting, and B) as a sort of throwback, of sorts, though I wouldn't rule out wearing a "Get Z To A Nunnery" shirt by Z Berg, or something else that came out in recent years (not that a lot of people are familiar with that album). But most of the "phases" (I would call them (and quasi pun, because Z Berg is in the band Phases)) of composing my entire wardrobe of music fan stuff, those days are likely over.

Onto Ozzy and other things


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