Listened to a bunch of stuff, had coffee, and now it is onto soda, and the late night ramblings. I do not always rant/ramble every night on the bloggo, but most nights and days I do, but that is what is to be expected. Sometimes.

It's nearly 10:00 PM, the central fan is running, but the sliding glass door and window have been closed, and the floor fan turned off. I don't need a strong breeze coming through here, because it is cool enough outside, and I don't want the apartment to be "cold".

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I think Sunday I will make a trip to Dierbergs and pick up a pack of smokes, just because. I have a gift card to Dierbergs, and I may as well use it. I will get groceries and random things from Schnucks tomorrow, though.

apps, services, and websites

It's been a while since I've downloaded a new app, or started using a new service, or even visited a new website, to be honest. I have the Dock on the MacBook set with:

Finder | Standard Notes | Firefox | Terminal | Atom | Trash

That's it. Sometimes I launch Tidal (but not since I started using the phone for Tidal with the HELM Bolt), and maybe sometimes I launch the Joplin (writing/note-taking) app for some stuff I need to reference, or perhaps TextEdit for a rare few text files I have saved there.

Services, in terms of things I signed up for, I think I signed up for 1Feed in the past few months, and made that my RSS reader, and have yet to pay for a subscription to it (I will), but everything else is relatively "old" in terms of online services go. Even if a service is multiple years old, I haven't had a "new" account (of any kind) in quite a while. I suppose Ghost was the latest service I signed up for before 1Feed (even though I was simply installing the Ghost software myself onto my own VPS).

Websites, yea really none that are new.,,, a bunch of blogs I visit from 1Feed, and then a bunch of utilitarian or/and time-wasting stuff (ProtonMail, YouTube, Github (nothing really happening there)), etc.

So, I am not a very interesting digital native (or Netizen, or whatever the hell). There are a handful of other sites I pop into here and there, but they are so infrequent that they are barely worth mentioning (Linode,, GoDaddy (which sucks)), and then once per day I check Informed Delivery to see what USPS mail I have coming to me for the day (which I just go and retrieve, anyway, so there is no point in even looking ahead of time).

why mention any of this?

I have no clue. "A day in my computer life", I guess ;)

And in regards to my smartphone, or any smartphone usage, really - there isn't much. I have the PDAnet+ tethering app to connect to my Mac (wirelessly) multiple times throughout the day, until I get WiFi in my apartment in April. And I sometimes check ProtonMail on there real fast. Every day or so I look at my Android Messages to see if I missed any from the day or day before, and that is usually empty, so I just ignore it for another day or so. I also have notifcations for everything turned off, so I only receive phone calls. I ditched Signal as well as Google Duo, as they are not needed. It boils down to manually updating apps on the Google Play Store a few times a week, usually around the same time I check my SMS messages, and taking a phone call sometimes. That's all.


back soon