So, I called Amtrak (via the # they gave me in the Voicemail, the same Voicemail they left to confirm that I **am** being refunded for my fare from earlier this month), and it said in the Voicemail to be transferred to Customer Relations when I got through. So, I did that, and got long bouts of music-less hold times, with little COVID-related messages in between. nnNow, I am not “getting into a snit” (or, whining publicly) about this, just thought I would mention that i have now experienced what it is like to wait on hold, with nothing *confirming* that I am on hold, for minutes at a time. I was always checking the phone to make sure there wasn’t a disconnection, and was almost *excited* when the little COVID-19 precautions message started playing, because it confirmed that the call wasn’t all for nothing, and that I would get through eventually.nnOf course after 15 minutes of this, I gave up and DIDN’T get through, but, I tried. They (sorta) tried. It’s whatever. I will just have to await for “2 billing cycles” to pass before the refund hits my account. I do not know what Amtrak considers a billing cycle, so it’s anyone’s guess. I can just be patient :/nnMoral(s) of the story: A) I could be waiting a while for the refund, and B) even though hold time music is usually on a warped cassette tape from the mid-1980’s, and contains indiscernible violin music that “wasn’t good enough” for an official release, all of that is better than waiting in silence. nnBack soon

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