Listening to the album *Loaded* by The Velvet Underground, as it is my favorite album by the band. That, and having a cup of hot coffee, as I managed to off an entire carton of iced coffee today already πŸ˜› That stuff (iced coffee) is like liquid ice cream, lemme tell ya! Friggin’ delicious!nnAlso, I am really liking 1Feed, as it has replaced my Feedbin RSS reader mostly (I manually imported each and every feed from Feedbin into 1Feed last night). I am OK with this transition because neither service have dedicated Android *or* iOS applications. 1Feed also has my YouTube subs in it, which I *can* do with Feedbin (I think), but 1Feed just looks better in a lot of ways. I will import [my Blogroll]( to the feed soon enough.nnSome of the bloggos I follow are not on the blogroll, and IDK why I didn’t add them? I guess because they are not “blog-type” of websites (like the official DuckDuckGo blog). I mean I *can*, but it doesn’t matter, people can find them, LOL!nnNot sure what I am doing here, with my day-to-day activities. I feel sorta lost without having dev stuff to fall back on, keep myself busy. I guess I sort of use web dev as a form of escapism. Like, I am so absorbed in whatever it is I am doing/learning, that I *cannot* think of other things. Plus, I feel super busy and productive when I am doing it! I find it to be a healthy and good activity, but when I am without it, I feel lost in the sauce.nnIt’s good to have a drive. To have something that keeps you going throughout the days and weeks. It (whatever it is – web dev, in my case) gives life a sense of purpose. And that is very important, I think. Lord knows I have spent enough time staring at the wall, having nothing to do, being bored beyond all possible words. nn**Here’s something I should mention**nnThere’s someone I know, or knew, that was once a good friend of mine (years ago), and she (who was once a he) has a blog that she maintained for a good amount of time, that I would read here and there, and for the past several months, it has gone dead. There are links to her Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. at the top of the blog (which I simply ignored, because fxxx those services), but I checked those real fast, and they ALL stopped being updated roughly 2.5 months ago. Odd. I don’t know if she got locked up, or what, but even rehab (which is possible) or a psych hospitalization (another distinct possibility) would go for no longer that 30 days. So, I am *guessing* she is either in the clink or…who knows what the fxxx. I guess news will make it’s way to me in one form or another eventually? I don’t know.nnNot that it matters. I’ll never speak to her again. She burned all possible bridges with every soul she ever called a “friend”, and started a meth habit, and likely relapsed on alcohol, and had a *known* addiction to a prescription anti-anxiety medication which she was unapologetic and shameless about. I truly couldn’t stand her for the better part of two years before we stopped communication in early-2019 (we had been best friends since 2003 before that – well, *he* and then he transitioned to she in 2016 or so, not that that matters).nnAn enigma of a person though, for sure. In a really bad way – I have never seen someone do a complete 180 in terms of personality, traits, and characteristics – and this all occurred WELL BEFORE any type of gender transition happened. Almost like she was *this* from 2003-2014, and then she decided meth was the way to go, and she was gone, and perhaps now gone forever.nnBut, she always has been and always will be a victim of her own demons, and there is nothing I can do about that.nn

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