Music can be (usually is) a meditative practice. I sit here in my living room, a second cup of coffee brewed, and a pipe of Navy Flake at the ready - jamming out to Special Request (techno) with the Apple EarPods jammed in my ears, music cranked UP. I am A) enjoying myself, B) concentrating on nothing and everything, and C) drowning out the noise of my neighbor's television set, because she is a true blue, diehard, hardcore insomniac who has her TV cranked to 11 from around 4:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Insane.

Anyhow, the music has moved onto Paramore "Caught Myself" (from the movie Twilight), and this is one of those songs that builds and builds and builds, and then has an incredible ending. Amazing. Hayley Williams has one of the most incredible voices in female Rock (if that were an official genre), and she is highly underrated, I feel. I just find her to be a very cool person, to be honest. She ditched social media some months back, too, which makes her even cooler in my book, haha.

My oh my, this pipe is quite tasty :) I am still sitting here smoking/listening, and nearly no time has passed for you, dear reader, but this blog post is coming together fairly slowly for me, as I am half a playlist into tunes, and half a bowl of very good (slow burning) tobacco smoked :D And all my bases have been covered tonight - Paramore, Nirvana, Fugazi,  even The Beatles.

For some reason, this series of songs reminds me of an old friend, Warren, who worked at my local Schnucks (acquaitance, really - we never hung out or anything), and back in the day (2016-2019) when the store was open 24/7, I would go over there at 1:00 AM, and he would be the only one working (or it seemed that way) and during/after checkout, we would stand there and BS about all things music for 45 minutes or longer. He had worked in a record store for a long time, and had a good amount of knowledge about...everything. But the last time I saw him was just after the pandemic started, and the talking had to be kept to a minimum because he had to hand out masks to customers coming into the store who didn't have their own, but there was always something to learn with him. A good dude.

I'll wrap up this meditative mental meandering, and be back later