I did some things this morning – laundry, grocery store run, got more rest. This time, I was up withOUT having some weird breakfast, so I am starting the day better this time :)nnIt’s bright as could be outside, so I will step out there in a minute, *for* a minute (or several minutes).nnAwaiting a package to arrive from a FAANG co (begrudgingly). They should just call it FAANG’D and include Disney, because they’re just as monopolistic (which is all the FAANG co’s are – a consortium of monopolies (though Disney isn’t *strictly* tech)). Anyway, this is from Amazon. It is a pair of plaid shorts, because I’m either an old codger or an aging punk rocker, but either way, the “image” works ;)nnI checked their site for shipping, and the package is waiting to depart from Fenton, Missouri. My hometown (around five miles away from here). The giant Amazon shipping/filling center in question is located on a one million+ square foot lot that was once occupied by the Chrysler plant. It’s where my late-Father worked and retired from after 35 years. His retirement was several years before the lot went vacant, and was for sale/lease for a couple years before Amazon swooped in. For a time, my Father worked at the Kokomo, Indiana plant, and so me and my mother lived in Noblesville, Indiana (with my Father) for a time (1993-1995), and then he got his *exact* position back at the Fenton plant in mid-95.nnIt is “appropriate” that the Amazon plant (a “Silicon Valley” FAANG co (though they are mostly Seattle, not Silicon Valley)) is located there, because much like the Detroit “Big Four” auto co’s back “in the day”, they, too, are an economic bubble disaster waiting to happen – a boomtown type of industry that generally devastates the local economy they are in (auto co’s left nothing for Detroit, and FAANG co’s are sucking SF dry), and has long term economic/market consequences if/when the business goes “bust” (though Chrysler is still “around”, and Amazon will always be “around” – but most of them will be much less “influential” than they were in their prime (pardon the pun!).nnAs Albert Einstein once said: “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme”nnback soon

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