Tomorrow I go to the ‘rents to move their old entertainment center into their garage. Before that, it will be photographed and listed on Facebook Marketplace, I believe (which is my sister’s job). Me and my brother-in-law will get the thing hauled into the garage, and then set up the NEW entertainment console, set up the TV, etc. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was helping out with all of that tomorrow, but it turns out I am. Which is fine.nnGood for me, too, because that means I will bring home the ‘rents old TV tomorrow. Cool! The TV stand I ordered from Wayfair arrives Sunday, Jan.2 (allegedly). The FedEx tracking # for it hasn’t processed, yet, and initially it said Jan.5, so, we will see. No rush.nnThe easy chair + ashtray stand have already been moved to the proper side of the room to accommodate the TV stand, TV, etc. on the *other* side of the room…nn![]( good. nnBack soonnn

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