Gonna perk myself up proper with instant espresso this AM. I already had a decent breakfast of bananas/oranges and I am feeling energized and motivated! :) Not motivated to do anything in particular, but still motivated nonetheless.

on Plausible (analytics)

I decided to go ahead and get Plausible Analytics for this Ghost bloggo (free trial for 30 days), because I am a superficial/shallow person, I suppose. There is no reason, in particular to even have analytics on a personal blog/journal, but just in case there are traffic spikes or whatever the hell, it would be nice to know about them (plus I just hate that feeling of being "in the dark" in terms of who is reading what and where from, etc.) The thing is, PA is $90 per year (steep!), so I am not 100% certain I will pay that in February. I mean, for an analytics service (that also respects your privacy, is easy to use, etc.) $90 per year is a decent price (Simple Analytics, for example, is $100 per year). Google Analytics is free, but isn't private, retains (and sells!) your data, and is a bloated nightmare to use (from what I remember from the Blogger days). So, fxxx GA.

But, I might spring for Plausible in March. As I am much better off putting $100(+) onto the Linode account and NOT having that expense going out the door every single month. I usually put $20 onto the Linode account, for "credits", so I can breathe easy for the month and know neither of my servers will go offline. But by putting $100 (or more) on there, I can just let that do it's thing and run that credit down for five months (as two "Nanodes" cost me $5 per mo, each), and then just periodically add funds and keep the credit count above a certain #. Say, keep it above $60 at all times. That should be OK. So, I am almost certain I will do this.

And that's just one of several Internet-related housekeeping items I have to take care of in the next couple of months! I still have to:

  • put down $60 for DNSimple (it's $60 per year), and transfer everything away from GoDaddy
  • put down the aforementioned $90 for Plausible Analytics
  • put down $30 for Geocaching.com (not that that is ONLY Internet-related, but it is useful (in fact, downright critical) for me to do Geocaching out in the real world) - this is happening Feb., too, by the way. A top priority.
  • Renew the Thanx domain (which I will do after the DNSimple transfer), as well as renew the "olry.co" and "tmo.name" domains (which both will be further out - hell I just got "tmo.name" a month or so ago).
  • and there is a chance I cancel my Carrd.co account (which I think is $49 per year - because I basically never use it (anymore) and I also pay for ProtonMail and all this other ish I already mentioned)

In fact, I should make some sort of yearly calendar. Not in a calendar app, and not on physical paper, either - but, put all renewals and whatnot into a note and keep it "pinned" to the top of the "#General" section of Standard Notes. I will do this soon. Right now, actually.

Espresso is very tasty. Sun is starting to emerge outside.

back soon