So, that was a fairly dire-sounding previous blog post, remarking upon earlier traumas, issues. But things like that must be written sometimes, and I am glad to have it off of my chest.nnBut now, I am feeling a bit cheerier, and having iced coffee at midnight on a Monday morning. Less than a week until Xmas! Neat! Definitely looking forward to that.nnI was able to get my new debit card to sync to my banking app, so that is good, as I thought it would lock me out like the website did previously. As part of my “things to do” list, I have the Revolut Card to get in early-Jan, at least that is the plan, Stan πŸ˜‰ That will change things up for me a bit, in a number of different ways, but more on that later.nnThe budget is tiny for January, too. No big expenses going out, so I will have most of my own money to do sort of whatever with. In all likelihood (in fact, I *know*) I will be getting the entertainment console (that incidentally matches the desk I just got), because a TV stand will be 100% necessary for the TV set that I am inheriting that same month.nnThat’s it for now. Back later.

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