It was an especially boring, lame day today, unfortunately. I stopped at Schnucks and got some food items, and while there I chatted it up with an old friend/employee there that I have known since 2016, but since I got back home, the day has *draaaagged* on – not much activity going on :/nnNow, the sun arrives just as it sets.nnLike most days, roughly six blog posts got started, and then immediately deleted. I don’t see a lot of benefit in constant publishing anymore. Or maybe I am just finally breaking the “over-sharing” bracket in my brain that developed from 10+ years on social media? I DO tend to put more stuff online at night, though (on [](, so maybe I just “save up” all the writing I wanna do for nightfall? IDK.nnThing is, what I’ve noticed from 14 some odd years of blogging, and having done so many updates on Tumblr back in the day, as well as here on W.a, that I tend to start up a paragraph, and see where that goes, and if I get on a roll and *enjoy* hammering out that paragraph, then I continue on with the “full” post, and actually enjoy writing the rest of it. First paragraphs are basically a warm up for me.nnAnd if I dilly-dally too long (or, waste too much time – either smoking a cig or drinking coffee, or whatever) then I lose the “flow” of the writing, and I tend to just delete the whole bit – no need to share whatever got jotted.nnJust an observance.

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