OK, I am "over" the whole dilemma with online retail (or, online banking) and other BS I was fooling with earlier. It's not anything to lose any sleep over. So, I just went ahead and finally e-mailed (to myself) my lo-fi recording of "Pennyroyal Tea" I recorded some weeks back, and have that saved to my "music" folder, as well as the "news randoms" folder, as the "new randoms" folder is where I throw a bunch of stuff that needs to be put onto the external SSD. I figure: a "rule of 20" - don't let more than 20 items (files) pile up in the "new randoms" folder before plugging in the SSD and putting each file into their respective folder. They are already where they need to go locally (on the MBA, in their respective folder(s) within Documents), but the SSD needs to stay organized, too, so I need to stay on top of that.

No other info to write about right now. Back later.