OK so desk update: it is arriving on or around December 16. It has been ordered, and I will get a tracking number in due time. nnAnd tobacco order update: it is in Cincinnati, Ohio (for whatever reason), and I hope it heads out of there soon, but I sincerely doubt it will arrive tomorrow. Likely Tuesday, which sucks on their part, for sure. Sucks for me, too. But that’s what you get with Free shipping, I suppose (and also because USPS sucks these days).nnNow, I am listening to Cough (a *very* slow Doom Metal band). Before that, some Primus and Rage Against The Machine (which sound similar, sometimes).nnAlso, having coffee. Doing all the things. All the things I do everyday, haha. Smoking, coffee, writing, listening to music, surfing the WWW, etc.nnAnd, I put on Nirvana just now, and “Come As You Are” is playing, and I realized that the lyrics go:nnCome, dressed in mudnSoaked in bleachnAs I want you to benn…and I never realized that “soaked in bleach” were lyrics to a Nirvana song. I saw the documentary *Soaked In Bleach* (which was sensationalized junk – none of that happened, in all likelihood), but I am just now recognizing the lyrics.nnComing back to my daily activities – there are not many of them, but they *are* routine, and I stay pretty regular in my habits and hobbies. I haven’t picked up any new ones in a while, but web dev stuff keeps me plenty busy as it is (that is, *when* I am able to do it).nnAnd on the subject of web dev, I will likely be doing more research in the final week of December (in **the long week** between Xmas Day and NYE, which seems to last forever) on which mobile hotspot to buy. I would like to just get Google Fi, and use my phone as a hotspot indefinitely (cheaper), but I will likely still get some sort of CricketWireless compatible hotspot. Just not from the Cricket website, because the website is broken/garbage.nnI am quite looking forward to jumping back in, as it has been so long since I’ve been involved with it, I almost forgot that I am working on the git “protocol” and referencing all the Github stuff necessary to make a Jekyll site live (and an open source site at that). In time, I will make **Thanx** open source (throughout the Winter) and *hopefully* complete **Thanx**. There is but one more feature that needs to be added (which may be a complex one), but after that the functionality will be ready. It will simply need a “facelift” after that (or, an initial design, as everything on there now is just to test stuff out).nnThere is nearly nothing easy about web dev, but that is what is fun about it! It is a *huge* challenge (for me it is, anyway), and there is so, So, SO much to learn. All the time. I also believe in doing things the hard way, because “the only way through, is through”. Or at least that is what I have been telling myself for well over a year. There are just…no shortcuts when dealing with a form of science (in this case, Computer Science).nnSidenote: I’ve listened to the aforementioned songs/bands plus all of Nirvana’s Nevermind in the time it took to write this blog post. Just a sentence here, listen to music. A sentence there, listen to more music. nnChill night

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