I have never been a TrackPad kind of a guy, as I much prefer to use a mouse with a laptop (and most certainly a desktop, obviously), so, I dug the Logitech mouse out from the walk-in closet, and am using it with the MBA now. It could have saved me a bunch of trouble when I was doing dev stuff last night, but most notably, the window management was insane with all the things I was doing, and a larger display could have worked wonders. I refuse to get an external display, though, because I simply do not want one (even though one is more or less needed every so often).

But then again, even a 16 inch display could be helpful in those one-off moments of doing web dev, when there is the TextEdit window open, and the Terminal, and Atom, and sometimes Standard Notes, and Firefox, etc. So, I may end up having to get some sort of external display. IDK. It's possible.

Just tossing the idea around