mosquito of the soul

I am trying to sit balconyside tonight. It is not working.

Mosquitos are biting, gnats are buzzing, every insect of annoyance is driving me crazy this evening.

I came back inside, started this blog post.

Briefly having coffee out there in the warm night air was quasi refreshing, though.

2+ weeks. It's all I can think about. 2+ weeks until orientation at Independence Center. Absolutely nothing happens before then - other than visits with Neighbor "S", and a handful of jaunts to/from Schnucks during the day.

Of course this ticks me off a bit.

I won't piss around with blaming or pointing at anything - because that rabbit hole runs as deep as the Mariana Trench, and I see no end in a train of thought like that.

So I let it ride

All that's left is to endure. So here's hoping for a fast two weeks.

Tonight I will work out

I may do that in a minute

Hopefully the mosquitos die off or the wind picks up, or whatever gets me out on the balcony quicker

until later..

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