morning Schnucks soda, shopping cart refinements, confirming therapy

Went to Schnucks, got a couple of soda and a couple small Party Pizza(!), those are never in stock! Then I walked home and texted my counselor to confirm therapy at noon, and looked at the budget and saw that the LL Bean order was higher than it needed to be, so I went to the shopping cart on LL Bean, and refined it a little. Now I will just get the replacement t-shirt and socks, and forgo the shower towel (which I do need), as the towel is not a 100% necessity for August.

Waiting to hear back from my counselor. Therapy will be good.

The LL Bean cart only has two items, but the wishlist is growing. I have all my Winter needs in there. A cool looking coat, thick socks, gloves, etc. Pictured below:

Simple items. I always wanted the Cotton Ragg socks, as they sell them many places, and I have always come across them, wanted a pair. And just look at that puffer jacket! Retro! Haha.

Anyway, I will be prepared for therapy soon. I will do it over Google Duo for the Web, and I made a Firefox Desktop shortcut for it. I thought I had to use Chrome for Duo on Desktop, but I don't, I just won't have Group Chat features on browsers other than Chrome. But one-on-one conversations can be done in any browser.

I heard a few times that iMessage (or Apple Messages) is coming to the Web (any browser), but it will likely be limited to their iCloud for the web offerings (meaning not many features), but I don't really use iMessage (as I call it) for anything. Plus I have iMessage right here on the MacBook.


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